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CyberAge Books
21 Days to Success With LinkedIn Ebook versions available
21 Days to Success Through Networking Ebook versions available
Building and Running a Successful Research Business, Second Edition Ebook versions available
Business Statistics on the Web
Cashing in with Content: How Innovative Marketers Use Digital Information to Turn Browsers into Buyers Ebook versions available
Consider the Source: A Critical Guide to the 100 Most Prominent News and Information Sites on the Web
CRM in Real Time: Empowering Customer Relationships Ebook versions available
Dancing With Digital Natives: Staying in Step With the Generation That's Transforming the Way Business Is Done Ebook versions available
Design Wise: A Guide for Evaluating the Interface Design of Information Resources Ebook versions available
Designing the Digital Experience: How to Use EXPERIENCE DESIGN Tools and Techniques to Build Websites Customers Love Ebook versions available
Electronic Democracy, 2nd Edition: Using the Internet to Transform American Politics Ebook versions available
Excellence Every Day: Make the Daily Choice—Inspire Your Employees and Amaze Your Customers Ebook versions available
The Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook, 4th Edition Ebook versions available
Face2Face: Using Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Tools to Create Great Customer Connections Ebook versions available
Find It Fast, 6th Edition: Extracting Expert Information from Social Networks, Big Data, Tweets, and More Ebook versions available
Inside Content Marketing: EContent Magazine's Guide to Roles, Tools, and Strategies for Thriving in the Age of Brand Journalism Ebook versions available
The Internet Book of Life: Use the Web to Grow Richer, Smarter, Healthier, and Happier Ebook versions available
International Business Information on the Web
Internet Blue Pages: The Guide to Federal Government Web Sites, 2001-2002 Edition
Internet Business Intelligence: How to Build a Big Company System on a Small Company Budget
Internet Prophets: Enlightened E-Business Strategies for Every Budget
The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Sources Search Engines Can't See Ebook versions available
Great Scouts!: CyberGuides to Subject Searching on the Web
Laughing at the CIO: A Parable and Prescription for IT Leadership Ebook versions available
Law Of The Super Searchers: The Online Secrets of Top Legal Researchers
Millennium Intelligence: Understanding & Conducting Competitive Intelligence in the Digital Age Ebook versions available
Mob Rule Learning Ebook versions available
The Mobile Marketing Handbook, Second Edition Ebook versions available
The Modem Reference, 4th Edition: The Complete Guide to PC Communications
Naked in Cyberspace, 2nd Edition: How to Find Personal Information Online Ebook versions available
Net Crimes & Misdemeanors, 2nd Edition: Outmaneuvering the Spammers, Swindlers, and Stalkers Who Are Targeting You Online
net.people: The Personalities and Passions Behind the Web Sites
The Online Deskbook: Essential Desk Reference for Online and Internet Searchers
Point, Click, and Save: Mashup Mom's Guide to Saving and Making Money Online Ebook versions available
Research on Main Street: Using the Web to Find Local Business and Market Information Ebook versions available
Secrets of the Super Searchers
Secrets of the Super Net Searchers
The Skeptical Business Searcher: The Information Advisor’s Guide to Evaluating Web Data, Sites, and Sources
Smart Services: Competitive Information Strategies, Solutions, and Success Stories for Service Businesses
Super Searcher, Author, Scribe: Successful Writers Share Their Internet Research Secrets
Super Searchers on Competitive Intelligence: The Online and Offline Secrets of Top CI Researchers
Super Searchers Cover the World: The Online Secrets of Global Business Researchers
Super Searchers Do Business: The Online Secrets of Top Business Researchers
Super Searchers Go to School: Sharing Online Strategies with K-12 Students, Teachers, and Librarians
Super Searchers Go to the Source: The Interviewing and Hands-On Information Strategies of Top Primary Researchers-Online, on the Phone, and in Person
Super Searchers on Health & Medicine: The Online Secrets of Top Health & Medical Researchers
Super Searchers on Madison Avenue: Top Advertising and Marketing Professionals Share Their Online Research Strategies
Super Searchers Make It On Their Own: Top Independent Information Professionals Share Their Secrets for Starting and Running a Research Business
Super Searchers on Mergers & Acquisitions: The Online Research Secrets of Top Corporate Researchers and M&A Pros
Super Searchers in the News: The Online Secrets of Journalists & News Researchers
Super Searchers on Wall Street: Top Investment Professionals Share Their Online Research Secrets
Teach Beyond Your Reach, Second Edition Ebook versions available
The Traveler's Web: An Extreme Searcher Guide to Travel Resources on the Internet Ebook versions available
True Crime Online: Shocking Stories of Scamming, Stalking, Murder, and Mayhem Ebook versions available
The Visible Employee: Using Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance to Protect Information Assets—Without Compromising Employee Privacy or Trust Ebook versions available
Web of Conspiracy: A Guide to Conspiracy Theory Sites on the Internet Ebook versions available
Web of Deceit: Misinformation and Manipulation in the Age of Social Media Ebook versions available
Web of Deception: Misinformation on the Internet Ebook versions available
The Web Library: Building a World Class Personal Library with Free Web Resources
Yahoo! to the Max: An Extreme Searcher Guide

Libraries & Information Technology (See also ASIST titles)
The Accidental Data Scientist Ebook versions available
The Accidental Fundraiser Ebook versions available
The Accidental Health Sciences Librarian Ebook versions available
The Accidental Indexer
The Accidental Law Librarian Ebook versions available
The Accidental Librarian Ebook versions available
The Accidental Library Manager Ebook versions available
The Accidental Library Marketer Ebook versions available
The Accidental Systems Librarian, Second Edition (Ebook Only)
The Accidental Taxonomist, Third Edition Ebook versions available
The Accidental Technology Trainer Ebook versions available
The Accidental Webmaster Ebook versions available
Advances in Preservation and Access, Volume 2
Assessing Competitive Intelligence Software: A Guide to Evaluating CI Technology
Blogging and RSS: A Librarian's Guide, Second Edition Ebook versions available
Business Cases for Info Pros: Here's Why, Here's How Ebook versions available
Buying and Selling Information: A Guide for Information Professionals and Salespeople to Build Mutual Success Ebook versions available
Career Q&A: A Librarian's Real-Life, Practical Guide to Managing a Successful Career Ebook versions available
Caribbean Libraries in the 21st Century: Changes, Challenges, and Choices Ebook versions available
CD-ROM Professional’s CD-Recordable Handbook: The Complete Guide to Practical Desktop CD Recording
Choosing and Using a News Alert Service
The Cybrarian's Web: An A-Z Guide to 101 Free Web 2.0 Tools and Other Resources Ebook versions available
The Cybrarian's Web 2: An A-Z Guide to Free Social Media Tools, Apps, and Other Resources Ebook versions available
Deep Text: Using Text Analytics to Conquer Information Overload, Get Real Value from Social Media, and Add Big(ger) Text to Big Data
Designing a Successful KM Strategy Ebook versions available
Digital Photo Magic: Easy Image Retouching and Restoration for Librarians, Archivists, & Teachers Ebook versions available
Document Delivery Services: Issues and Answers
Editing Research: The Author Editing Approach to Providing Effective Support to Writers of Research Papers Ebook versions available
The Education of a CD-ROM Publisher: An Insider’s History of Electronic Publishing
Electronic Styles: A Handbook for Citing Electronic Information
The Embedded Librarian Ebook versions available
The Essential Guide to Bulletin Board Systems
Everyone Plays at the Library Ebook versions available
The Evolving Virtual Library II: Practical and Philosophical Perspectives
The Evolving Virtual Library: Visions and Case Studies
Global Mobile: Applications and Innovations for the Worldwide Mobile Ecosystem Ebook versions available
Government Documents Librarianship: A Guide for the Neo-Depository Era Ebook versions available
Handbook of Indexing Techniques, 5th Edition Ebook versions available
Historical Information Science: An Emerging Unidiscipline Ebook versions available
Implementing Technology Solutions in Libraries: Techniques, Tools, and Tips From the Trenches Ebook versions available
Information Nation: Education and Careers in the Emerging Information Professions Ebook versions available
The Information Professional’s Guide to Career Development Online
Information Tomorrow: Reflections on Technology and the Future of Public & Academic Libraries Ebook versions available
INNOPAC: A Reference Guide to the System
Integrated Library Systems for PCs & PC Networks
Intranets for Info Pros Ebook versions available
The Intranet Management Handbook
Introduction to the Use of Computers in Libraries
The Librarian's Guide to Micropublishing Ebook versions available
The Librarian's Guide to Negotiation Ebook versions available
The Librarian’s Internet Survival Guide, 2nd Edition
Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Library Service Ebook versions available
Library Mashups Ebook versions available
Library Partnerships: Making Connections Between School and Public Libraries Ebook versions available
The Library Administrator’s Automation Handbook
Library Relocations and Collection Shifts Ebook versions available
The Library Web
Listen Up! Podcasting for Schools and Libraries Ebook versions available
Making Search Work: Implementing Web, Intranet and Enterprise Search
More Library Mashups: Exploring New Ways to Deliver Library Data
Net Effects: How Librarians Can Manage the Unintended Consequences of the Internet Ebook versions available
The New OPL Sourcebook: A Guide for Solo and Small Libraries Ebook versions available
The NextGen Librarian’s Survival Guide Ebook versions available
The Online 100: Online Magazine’s Field Guide to the 100 Most Important Online Databases
Open Source Web Applications for Libraries Ebook versions available
Personal Archiving: Preserving Our Digital Heritage Ebook versions available
Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect With Your Whole Community Ebook versions available
ProCite in Libraries: Applications in Bibliographic Database Management
Public Knowledge: Access and Benefits Ebook versions available
The Quintessential Searcher: The Wit & Wisdom of Barbara Quint Ebook versions available
Research Techniques for Scholars and Students in Religion and Theology Ebook versions available
ShanachieTour: A Library Road Trip Across America 
Social Software in Libraries: Building Collaboration, Communication, and Community Online Ebook versions available
The SOLO Librarian’s Sourcebook
The Successful Academic Librarian: Winning Strategies from Library Leaders Ebook versions available
Teaching Web Search Skills Ebook versions available
The Thriving Library: Successful Strategies for Challenging Times Ebook versions available
UContent: The Information Professional's Guide to User-Generated Content Ebook versions available
Using Windows for Library Administration
Understanding and Communicating Social Informatics Ebook versions available
Virtual Worlds, Real Libraries: Librarians and Educators in Second Life and Other Multi-User Virtual Environments Ebook versions available
What's the Alternative? Career Options for Librarians and Info Pros Ebook versions available
You Don't Look Like a Librarian: Shattering Stereotypes and Creating Positive New Images in the Internet Age Ebook versions available


Indexing (including the American Society for Indexing)
Can You Recommend a Good Book on Indexing?
Directory of Indexing and Abstracting Courses and Seminars
Genealogy and Indexing
Glossary of Terminology in Abstracting, Classification, Indexing, and Thesaurus Construction, 2nd Edition
Handbook of Indexing Techniques, 5th Edition
Index It Right! Advice from the Experts, Volume 1
Index It Right! Advice from the Experts, Volume 2
Index It Right! Advice from the Experts, Volume 3
Indexing for Editors and Authors: A Practical Guide to Understanding Indexes
An Indexer’s Guide to the Internet, 2nd Edition
Indexing Names
Indexing Specialties: History
Indexing Specialties: Cookbooks
Indexing Specialties: Law
Indexing Specialties: Medicine
Indexing Specialties: Psychology
Indexing Specialties: Scholarly Books
Indexing Specialties: Web Sites
Indexing Tactics & Tidbits: An A to Z Guide
Marketing Your Indexing Services, Third Edition
Running an Indexing Business
Software for Indexing
Starting an Indexing Business, Fourth Edition
Ten Characteristics of Quality Indexers: Confessions of an Award-Winning Indexer

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