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21 Days to Success With LinkedIn, By Ron Sukenick and Ken Williams

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21 Days to Success With LinkedIn
Business Social Networking the Gnik Rowten Way
By Ron Sukenick and Ken Williams

"This book should be retitled 21 Days to the LinkedIn Mother Lode. ... A gold mine of tips on how to use LinkedIn to succeed!"

—Jeffrey Hayzlett, TV & Radio Host,
and Chairman, C-Suite Network

Building on their bestselling business parable, 21 Days to Success Through Networking, Ron Sukenick and Ken Williams are back with a new Gnik Rowten adventure. You'll learn an array of great LinkedIn tactics by example, as Gnik develops a vital network of influencers, experts, mentors, and potential clients using the Basic (free) version of this powerful online tool.

Throughout his 21-day LinkedIn journey, Gnik interacts with real-life "power users" who offer advice and insights on a range of critical topics for business networkers. As entertaining as it is informative, 21 Days to Success With LinkedIn is a must-read for any free LinkedIn user who wants to do more than scratch the surface.

"Having trained professionals to use LinkedIn since 2008, I'm impressed. By following the authors' 21-day plan of action, you'll learn how to connect with prospects, referral partners, and advocates. And you'll be positioned for success, because networking is no longer just about who you know—but who knows you."

—Charlene Burke, Social Media Authority Unleashed

"There are a lot of books on LinkedIn, but this is the only one that teaches LinkedIn through the eyes of a fictional character. The concepts are straightforward and easy to understand through Gnik's experience. I applaud the authors for their creativity!"

—Abby Kohut, author, speaker, and career consultant

2015/192 pp/softbound/ISBN 978-1-937290-05-4 | Regular Price $15.95 | Web Orders: $14.35
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