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Electronic Democracy, 2nd Edition

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Electronic Democracy, 2nd Edition
Using the Internet to Transform American Politics
By Graeme Browning
Foreword by Adam Clayton Powell III
A roadmap for Americans who want to participate electronically in local or national and insightful analysis.
—Midwest Book Review
In this new edition of Electronic Democracy, award-winning journalist and author Graeme Browning details the colorful history of politics and the Net, describes the key Web-based sources of political information, offers practical techniques for influencing legislation online, and provides a fascinating, realistic vision of the future.

Coverage includes:

  • The role of the Net in Election 2000—did Gore's e-strategy let him down?
  • Tips and techniques for grassroots activists, campaigners, and fundraisers
  • Finding and communicating with policy makers, the media, and organizations online
  • Political forums, information resources, and Web databases
  • Dimples and hanging chads in Florida—what is the future of voting technology?

CyberAge Books | 2002/190pp/softbound | ISBN 0-910965-49-8 | Regular Price $19.95 | Web Orders: $17.96
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