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Super Searcher, Author, Scribe
Super Searcher, Author, Scribe
Successful Writers Share Their Internet Research Secrets
By Loraine Page, Edited by Reva Basch
"Being told how to conduct research is one thing; being shown is another. And that's what this book sets out to do, by showing you the steps authors take to ferret out information on the Web. The interviews reveal the logic behind 'searching,' and the appendix of useful websites is a dynamite resource."
—Moira Allen, Editor
The impact of the Internet on the writing profession is unprecedented, even revolutionary. Wired writers of the 21st century use the Internet to do research, to collaborate, to reach out to readers, and even to publish and sell their work. Here, Link-Up editor Loraine Page draws out gems of wisdom from 14 leading journalists, book authors, writing instructors, and professional researchers in the literary field. These supersearching scribes share their online tips, techniques, sources, and success stories and offer advice that any working writer can put to immediate use.

The featured super searchers include experienced writers of articles, columns, books, screenplays, and poetry, including:

Ridley Pearson
Sarah Wernick
David Fryxell
Sheila Bender
Catherine Coulter
David Weinberger
Reid Goldsborough
Michael Gross
Bonnie Remsberg
Jodi Picoult
Gary Gach
Paula Berinstein
Gregg Sutter
(researcher to the dean
of modern mystery writers,
Elmore Leonard)
Super Searcher, Author, Scribe is an interesting melange of tips and process from working writers who use the Internet every day. You'll surely find ideas to streamline and enhance your research process.
—Melanie Rigney, Editor
Writer's Digest

CyberAge Books | 2002/186 pp/softbound | ISBN 0-910965-58-7 | Regular Price: $24.95 | Web Orders: $22.46
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