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Consider the Source


Consider the Source
A Critical Guide to 100 Prominent News and Information Sites on the Web
By James F. Broderick and Darren W. Miller

“In the confusing, complex web of news and information sites, Consider the Source is a terrific guide for all journalists and media-watchers.”

—Sree Sreenivasan, Professor and Head of New Media
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

The famous slogan of one major TV news network, “More people get their news from ... than from any other source,” now applies to the Internet. But where can you find the news you need, how can you gauge its veracity, and how can anyone keep up? The answers are in this unique book by a professor of journalism and a working reporter. Jim Broderick and Darren Miller have written an A-to-Z guide to the best and worst news and information sites, featuring 100 in-depth, critical reviews and a 5-star rating system. You’ll discover dozens of reliable sites that meet your needs, learn what to expect before you log on, and gain a reporter’s hardnosed perspective on the motives and bias behind each resource. The supporting Web site is a virtual portal to the world of online news.

“Want to find the best news on the Internet? Broderick and Miller have done the work for you, with an informative and entertaining guide to the Web’s most popular news sites. They offer hard, honest appraisals of these sites, celebrating the successes and exposing the failures. Whether you are a journalism student, a news junkie looking for another fix, or just a concerned reader wondering if you’re getting the most accurate information, [Consider the Source] will help you improve the quality of your bookmark list and RSS feeds.”

— Robert Niles, editor, Online Journalism Review

“A valuable, no-nonsense resource for newshounds and headline scanners alike. If Internet news is a jungle, then Consider the Source is the perfect machete: light, extremely sharp, and it never gets dull.”

— Michael D. Calia, The Press of Atlantic City

CyberAge Books • 2007/472 pp/softbound | ISBN 978-0-910965-77-4 | Regular Price: $24.95 | Web Orders: $22.46


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