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The Quintessential Searcher

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The Quintessential Searcher
The Wit & Wisdom of Barbara Quint
Edited by Marylaine Block
Many, many moons ago, pinned down by a lynch mob of vendor representatives all shouting "Troublemaker! Troublemaker!," I squealed out my standard excuse, "I don't look for trouble. Trouble looks for me!" But what still amazes me is how diligently it finds me.
Barbara Quint

Searcher magazine editor Barbara Quint (bq) is not only one of the world's most famous online searchers, but the most creative and controversial writer, editor, and speaker to emerge from the information industry in the last two decades. bq is a guru of librarians and database professionals the world over, and, as her readers, publishers, and "quarry" know, when it comes to barbed wit she is in a class by herself. Whether she's chastising database providers about unacceptable fees, interfaces, and updates; recounting the ills visited on the world by computer makers; or inspiring her readers to achieve greatness; her voice is consistently original and compelling. In this book, for the first time anywhere, hundreds of bq's most memorable, insightful, and politically incorrect quotations have been gathered for the enjoyment of her many fans.

2001/220pp/softbound | ISBN 1-57387-114-1 | Regular Price: $19.95 | Web Orders: $17.96
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