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Dancing With Digital Natives
Staying in Step With the Generation That's Transforming the Way Business Is Done
Edited by Michelle Manafy and Heidi Gautschi

Advance praise for Dancing With Digital Natives

"This remarkable group of editors and authors presents a range of opinions about the challenges and opportunities of business life in a digital era. Taken together, these essays help us to debunk many of the myths that we too commonly rely upon when we talk of digital natives, in the context of business, marketing, learning, career development, and otherwise. … No matter what, this book will make you think."

—John Palfrey, co-author, Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives

"The wide array of fresh insights offered [here] gives educators, employers and marketers the techniques and tools to better understand this challenging generation."

—Don Tapscott, author, Grown Up Digital, and co-author Wikinomics, Macrowikinomics

"Blends the practical with the profound on how to make the most of this promising population of young people. It’s all you’ll need."

—Patricia Martin, author, Renaissance Generation

"A critically important book for those who do business with or need to understand those under 30."

—David Meerman Scott, author, The New Rules of Marketing and PR

"In a competitive world filled with new technologies and constantly evolving tastes, Dancing With Digital Natives serves as a brilliant roadmap for connecting with the elusive teen and young-adult consumer. Read this book!"

—R. Lee Fleming, Jr., screenwriter, One Tree Hill, Friends, and She’s All That

"I love this book. The digital native generation doesn’t want to be talked to; young people want to interact, engage, and effect change. And Dancing With Digital Natives shows you how to make that real connection happen."

—Lou Frillman, chairman, Unity Fund, and multiple leadership roles, Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign

"With Dancing With Digital Natives, you’ll get to know the next generation of consumers so that you can create products and strategies that appeal and engage."

—Sam Ades, vice president, Digital Web Group, Warner Bros Animation

"Audiences today are not interested in one-way communication. In Dancing With Digital Natives, you’ll learn how to start a genuine conversation with your audience so that you can create real engagement and better entertainment."

—Ed Marinaro, actor, Blue Mountain State (Spike TV)

"For the past quarter century, we’ve been witnessing the ultimate example of the natural human instinct to develop and exploit new tools to build expanding communities. Tomorrow’s historians and social scientists may very well look back on Dancing With Digital Natives as one of the seminal works describing the ongoing community-building imperative in this new epoch of information."

—Hugh McKellar, editor-in-chief, KMWorld

"Dancing With Digital Natives shows how our next generation of consumers expects us to know them well, by engaging them every step of the way. This engagement is both an imperative and a great opportunity. And this book lays out an incredible roadmap for doing great things with that opportunity."

—Andrew Panay, producer, Wedding Crashers

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