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Information Nation
Education and Careers in the Emerging Information Professions
By Jeffrey M. Stanton, Indira R. Guzman, and Kathryn R. Stam

Table of Contents

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Acknowledgments Introduction
Chapter 1: Wanted: Information Professionals

Part 1: Information Is Changing the World
Chapter 2: Infomation Wants to Be … Disorganized Chapter 3: Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist, Chief: Every Profession Depends on Information Chapter 4: Horseshoes to Biofuels: Why Technology Development Gets Easier All the Time Chapter 5: Where’s My Job? How Outsourcing and Offshoring Change Industries

Part 2: What Information Professionals Do in School and at Work
Chapter 6: The Student Perspective on the Information Field Chapter 7: Barriers and Challenges: The Student Perspective Chapter 8: The Workplace Perspective on the Information Field Chapter 9: Barriers and Challenges: The Workplace Perspective Chapter 10: Stereotypes, Culture, and the Information Professions

Part 3: What’s Next?
Chapter 11: Cyberinfrastructure: A Long Word for the Future of Information Technology Chapter 12: The Original Information Professionals Chapter 13: To iSchool or Not to iSchool Chapter 14: Where Have All the Students Gone? Diversity and Recruitment Challenges in the Information Professions Chapter 15: What’s Next?

Appendix A: List of Exercises and Associated Discussion Points Appendix B: Suggestions for Additional Reading Appendix C: Partial List of Universities With Degree Programs in the Information Field Appendix D: Websites of Interest for Jobseekers in the Information Professions About the Authors Index


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