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Advances in Classification Research, Volume 13
Advances in Classification Research—Vol. 13
Proceedings of the 13th ASIS SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop
Edited by Jens-Erik Mai, Clare Beghtol, Jonathan Furner, and Barbara Kwasnik

Advances of Classification Research, Volume 13 includes all of the papers presented at the workshop, which was held in Philadelphia, P.A. on November 17, 2002.

The papers presented at the workshop and included in the new are:

" Promising Past and Future Research Agendas in Classification,"

by Pauline Atherton Cochrane

" Look Back to Look Forward: The Classification Research Study Group and

by Kathryn La Barre

" Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces in Bibliographic Classification

by D. Grant Campbell

" Three Spheres of Classification Research: Emergence, Encyclopedism, and

by Joseph T. Tennis

" Report on the First Panel of Presentations and Associated Discussion,"

by Jonathan Furner

" Bringing People, Technology, and Systems Together Through
Classification Research: Designing for Change, Learning, and

by Paul Solomon

" Bibliographic Relationships, Citation Relationships, Relevance
Relationships, and Bibliographic Classification: An Integrative View,"

by Jonathan Furner

" Effective Display of Browsable Classification on the WWW and other
Hypertext Media,"

by James D. Anderson

" Report on the Second Panel of Presentations and Associated Discussion,"

by Edie Rasmussen

" Integration of Knowledge Organization Systems into Digital Library

by Linda Hill, Olha Buchel, Greg Janée, and Marcia Lei Zeng

" Creating and Maintaining Machine-Generated Taxonomies in Human
Organizations: Contributions from Research and Practice,"

by Wendi Pohs, Dick McCarrick, and Michael Muller

" Classification in the Physical Sciences,"

by Michael L. McGlashen and Anne Rogers

" Grounding Classification Research in Real World Problems: Report of the
Third Panel of Presentations and Associated Discussion,"

by Paul Solomon

Concluding remarks

by Marcia Bates

2004/90 pp/softbound
ISBN: 1-57387-199-0
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