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21 Days to Success Through Networking: The Life and Times of Gnik Rowten
By Ron Sukenick and Ken Williams
Publication Date: January, 2013
CyberAge Books Price: $12.99
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"[This book] completely changed the way I look at and approach networking and making connections with people. Gnik (with a 'G') showed that the entire process is supposed to be easy and genuine, and more importantly he showed me how to do it myself."

—Mark Williams, sales trainer, ZAGG

21 Days to Success Through Networking presents a range of real-world situations, events, insights, and challenges through the eyes of a fictional character with whom almost anyone can relate. Gnik Rowten (that's "networking" spelled backward) has made a fresh start in a new city where he has few, if any, friends, prospects, or business contacts.

Follow Gnik's life over a 3-week period as, each day, he discovers and learns tools, techniques, and strategies for effective business networking. Through sharing his adventures and "Aha!" moments, you'll learn to extend, deepen, and effectively utilize your own personal and business networks in just 21 days.

"This book is a must read—Sukenick and Williams will show you how to become a master networker as you read their fascinating story of networking success. You will love Gnik and his mentor Pam, and learn with Gnik as he develops into a master networker in only 21 days. I know this book will be one you refer to over and over again."

—Andrea Nierenberg, author, Savvy Networking: 
118 Fast and Effective Tips for Business Success

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