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Biology Digest Feature Articles
(Volumes 1 to 31)

Volume 31

Solar Eclipses, Sept. '04

Tanks of the Turtle World, Oct. '04

“The Living Genome: Reading the Book of Life” —A Model for Community-Based Genetics Education, Nov. '04

Wild, Wonderful, Windy Patagonia: Land of Glaciers, Towering Peaks, Estancias, and Unique Animals and Plants, Dec. '04

Autumn Leaves, Jan. '05

A Pollution Solution, Feb. '05

Aldo Leopold and the Land Ethic, March '05

Catching 40 Winks: What Science Knows About Sleeping, Apr. '05

Squirrel Smarts, May '05

Volume 30

Under Gathering Clouds, Sept. '03

Dam Electricity! Hydroelectric Power, Oct. '03

The Honey Bee: Its Life and Times, Nov. '03

Close Encounters: Biology in the Backyard, Dec. '03

Water Birds of Special Concern in Florida, Jan. '04

The Southwestern Research Station: A Hotspot of Ant Biodiversity and Natural History, Feb. '04

Animal Communication: They Do It Their Way, Mar. '04

A Microbial Puzzle, Apr.'04

Owl Stew: A Blend of Owl Behavior and Personal Observations, May '04

Volume 29

Ecology and Evolution, Sept. '02

Pacific Salmon: Crisis and Opportunity, Oct. '02

Wildfires, Nov. '02

The Poinsettia, Dec. '02

Micronesia—The Serengeti of the Sea, Jan.'03

A Tree Frog Primer, Feb. '03

Empty Nests and Silent Spring, Mar. '03

Health Benefits of House Plants, Apr. '03

Yellowstone in the Dead of Winter, May '03

Volume 28

In Search of a Career?, Sept. '01

Little Garden Helpers—One Insect Plays Many Parts, Dec. '01

Caves: Hidden Treasures in the Depths of the Earth, Oct. '01

Dome in the Range—Biosphere 2, Jan. '02

It's All in the Family: Our Vertebrate Connections, Nov. '01

Nepal—Land of Exceptional Altitudinal, Cultural, and Biological Diversity, Feb. '02

Ancient Wings in the Spring: The Sandhill Crane, Mar. '02

Genes and Behavior, Apr. '02

Alaskan Tundra, May '02

Volume 27

Savannah Ecology, Sept. '00

Life in the Sonoran Desert, Oct. '00

(The Sometimes) Vexing Vanquisher: Vaccine, Nov. '00

The Natural Way to Better Health, Dec. '00

Adventures of a Biologist in Africa, Jan. '01

Invertebrates—The spineless Wonders of the Animal Kingdom!, Feb. '01

Our Changing Weather: Alaska as a Barometer, Mar. '01

North American Ancient Tortoises, Apr. '01

Eagles in My Viewfinder, May '01

Volume 26

Don't Abuse It—Let's Reuse It!, Sept. '99

The Dog, Oct. '99

Forest Ecology, Nov. '99

Mining, Minerals, and the Environment, Dec. '99

The Rainforests of Belize and Guatemala, Jan.'00

Mermaids, Manatees, and Dugongs, Feb. '00,

Renewable Energy, Sustainable Planet, March '00

Clinical Depression, April '00

Raven Games, May '00

Volume 25

The Biological Bounty of the Belizean Barrier Reef, May '99

Grizzlies on Top of the World, April '99

The Crocodilians: First Cousins of the Ruling Reptiles, March '99

Diet and Cancer Prevention, Feb. '99

You Gotta Have Heart, Jan. '99

Silent Partners: Pollinators, Dec. '98

Island Ecology, Nov. '98

Namibia—A Unique Biological Treasure—Trove, Oct. '98

Tobacco: A Complex Mosaic, Sept. '98

Volume 24

A Field Study of the Thatching Ant, Formica obscuripes, in Colorado, Sept. '97

Through the Looking Glass: A Window on the Unseen World, Oct. '97

Chemical Warfare Agents: The Most Hazardous of Wastes, Nov. '97,

Seasons of the Boreal Forest, Dec. '97

(We Are All) Cyborg (Now), Jan. '98

Approaches to the Conservation of Plant Species, Feb. '98

Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink, March '98

The Enigma of Vanishing Frogs, April '98

Medicinal Plants—Nature's Pharmacy, May '98

Volume 23

Super Food: Agricultural Products and Genetic Engineering, Sept. '96

Darwin's Mystery Disease, Oct. '96

Lakes—Inland Aquatic Ecosystems, Nov. '96

Evolution and the Family Tree, Dec. '96

Welcome to the Jungle—America's Ever Changing Zoos, Jan. '97

A Curious Artist and Her Science: Maria Sibylla Merian, Feb. '97

Appalachian Weird Fungi, Mar. '97

Infertility: Hardships and Hopes, Apr. '97

The Pineapple: Hawaii's Fruitful Enterprise, May '97

Volume 22

Viruses and Their Role in Human Cancer, Sept. '95

The Plasmodium berghei Story, Oct. '95

Bioremediation: Part I, Nov. '95

Bioremediation: Part II, Dec. '95

A Novel Method of Weed Control, Jan. '96

Discovering Aquatic Worms, Feb. '96

The Cutting Edge: Prospects and Problems for Biology Research on the Internet, March '96

Making It in the Desert: The Large Plants of the North American Aridlands, Apr. '96

A Burning Issue, May '96

Volume 21

Why Did Lucy Die So Young?, Sept. '94

The Amazing Eel, Oct. '94

The Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria, Nov. '94

The Immune System and Transplantation, Dec. '94

All About Wildflowers, Jan. '95

Terraforming Mars: The Final Frontier or the Last Crusade?, Feb. '95

The Life and Times of New Mexico Minnows, March '95

Bone—A Living Tissue, April '95

A Snail's Eye View of Genetic Drift, May '95

Volume 20

Darters of Divergence, Sept. '93

Commercial Sugar Production: From Beets to Sweets—With No Waste, Oct. '93

The Elephant Trial, Nov. '93

Genetic Engineering: Tackling a Trash Crisis with Biodegradable Plastics, Dec. '93

The Resurgence of TB, Jan. '94

The Asian Invasion: Battling White Pine Blister Rust, Feb. '94

Survival of Galapagos: Can Conservation Preserve These Priceless Islands?, March '94

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, April '94

The Pitcher Plant Puzzle, May `94

Volume 19

The Cellular Basis of Immunity, Sept. '92

Monoclonal Antibody Update, Oct. '92

Butterflies: The Lovely "Leps," Nov. '92

Wetlands: Ecosystems at a Crossroad, Dec. '92

The Nature Conservancy, Jan. '93

Streams of Consciousness: Recognizing the Plight of America's Wild and Scenic Rivers, Feb. '93

The Mysteries of Zimbabwe's Flushing Trees, Mar. '93

Factory Farm Animal Rights: Food for Thought, Apr. '93

A Day At P.80.w; Tsetse Fly Research in Kenya, Africa, May '93

Volume 18

Symbiosis and Evolution on the Coral Reef (Part I), Sept. '91

Symbiosis and Evolution on the Coral Reef (Part II), Oct. '91

The Petrified Sea Gardens—Unique Fossils in Peril, Nov. '91

A Honey of an Ant, Dec. '91

Ozone: Friend and Foe, Jan. '92

The Wonder of Bats, Feb. '92

How Fish Sense Their World—More Than Meets  The Eye, Mar. '92

Transcription Factors—The Genetic Crossroads, Apr. '92

Irrigation and Malaria In Ancient Sri Lanka, May '92

Volume 17

Rebuilding the Cardiovascular System, Sept. '90

GERRIDAE: The Insects that Stride Across the Waters  of the World, Oct. '90

Rodents—More Than Just Pests, Nov. '90

Gene Therapy, Dec. '90

Stowaways, Jan. '91

The Return of Salmon, Feb. '91

Simplified Plant Tissue Culture Techniques, Mar. '91

Cryobiology Update, April '91

Ships, Ports, and Yellow Fever, May '91

Volume 16

Chitin: Gift From the Sea, Sept. '89

Mitochondria—Eclectic Organelles, Oct. '89

Petromyzon marinus and the Secrets of Spinal Regeneration, Nov. '89

When the Hurricane Destroyed the Rain Forest, Dec. '89

Prenatal Peeks, Jan. '90

Stable Carbon Isotopes in the Study of Food Chains, Feb. '90

The Race to Discover the Gene for Cystic Fibrosis, March '90

Want to Succeed in Biology? Learn to Think Visually!, Apr. '90

Ecological Fun, May '90

Volume 15

The Geography of Communicable Diseases, Sept. '88

Ground Water Contamination Research: EPA Project to Study Movement of Pollutants, Oct. '88

Vision Problems and Solutions, Nov. '88

Life in the Land of Little Water, Dec. '88

Exploring the Twinning Phenomena in Homo Sapiens, Jan. '89

Living with Orangutans, Feb. '89

Big News in Tiny Flies: Proto oncogenes in Drosophila, March '89

A Struggle For Existence: Endangered American Species, Apr. '89

DNA Repair, May '89

Volume 14

Dental Technology, Sept. '87

Fighting Cancer With Your Own Body—Biologicals, Oct. '87

Cryobiology, Nov. '87

No Quick Fixes for Aching Backs, Dec. '87

How Gravity Affects Plant Growth and Development, Jan. '88

Cholesterol—The Hidden Enemy, Feb. '88

Essential to Health—Trace Elements, Mar. '88

Hawk Mountain, Apr. '88

Lithium: A Wonder Drug in Psychiatry, May '88

Volume 13

Helping the Hearing Impaired, Sept. '86

Leprosy: Ancient, Puzzling, Misunderstood, Oct. '86

The Greenhouse Effect, Nov. '86

Antelope Production and Survival in Idaho Mountain Valleys, Dec. '86

Alzheimer's Disease, Jan. '87

History of Recombinant DNA Technology, Feb. '87

Dietary Fiber: Good For What Ails You, Mar. '87

Homo sapiens Bilateral Asymmetry, Apr. '87,

Dogs and Nutrition, May '87

Volume 12

A Primer on Environmental Law, Sept. '85

Green Roses? Black Tulips?, Oct. '85

Sex and Health, Part I, Nov. '85

Sex and Health, Part II, Dec. '85

The Biochemistry of Thought, Jan. '86

Mother Nature, M.D., Feb. '86

Left Brain, Right Brain Revisited, Mar. '86

Biological Communities—A Concept in the Making, Apr. '86

Scammon's Lagoon, May '86

Volume 11

Dioxin Danger(?), Sept. '84

The Biochemistry of Mental Illness, Oct. '84

Plant Assassins, Nov. '84

Sewage Sludge as a Soil Amendment for Plant Growth—Its Pros and Cons, Dec. '84

The Ultrastructural Pathology of Cell Organelles, Jan. '85

Transplant—Past, Present, and Future, Feb. '85

Insects, Man, and Disease, Mar. '85

Magic Bullets, Apr. '85

Sublife Mysteries, May '85

Volume 10

Immunity Breakdown—AIDS, Sept. '83

Sports Medicine, Oct. '83

The Electron Microscope and Diagnostic Medicine, Nov. '83

Infertility, Dec. '83

Food for the Future, Jan. '84

Blood Sugar Ups and Downs, Feb. '84

The Bear Bones of the Grizzly Controversy, Mar. '84

Memory, Apr. '84

The Vegetation of Baja California, May '84

Volume 9

The Evolution of the Human Brain, Sept. '82

Radiation—For Better or Worse, Oct. '82

Genes and Development, Nov. '82

The Life of a Drug, Dec. '82

Medical Genetics, Jan. '83

Natural Rhythm, Feb. '83

Cardiovascular Disease, Mar. '83

Biotechnology—Applications and Implications, Apr. '83

Careers in Biotechnology, May '83

Volume 8

Obesity: Causes and Cures, May '82

Seaweed Potentials, Apr. '82

Medical Detectives, Mar. '82

Must We Grow Old?, Feb. '82

The Origin of Life on Earth, Jan. '82

Thermoregulations, Dec. '81

Industrial Microbiology, Nov. '81

Marsupials—Their Place in the Natural History of  Mammals, Oct. '81

The War on Cancer—Who's Winning?, Sept. '81

Volume 7

The Human Ancestry, Sept. '80

Microbial Life in the Soil, Oct. '80

The Compass Sense, Nov. '80

Sociobiology, Dec. '80

Life in the Desert, Jan. '81

The Treasonous Antibody, Feb. '81

An Evolution of Speech, Mar. '81

The Clotting of Blood, Apr. '81

To Make a Tooth, May '81

Volume 6

Autumn Hawk Migration, Sept. '79

Parent Young Attachment in the Animal Kingdom: Implications for Human Bonding, Oct. '79

Whales of the World—Cetaceans Great and Small, Nov. '79

Drugs in the Brain, Dec. '79

Viruses and Human Disease, Jan. '80

Bats—The Hand Winged Mammals, Feb. '80

Understanding Spiders, Mar. '80

Saltmarshes—Where Land Meets the Sea, Apr. '80

Reproduction—Why So Many? Why So Few?, May '80

Volume 5

Biometeorology: How Weather Affects Life, Sept. '78

Recombinant DNA: The Risks and the Rewards, Oct. '78

Owls: Myth and Reality, Nov. '78

Seeking Our Cosmic Relatives, Dec. '78

Aquaculture, Jan. '79

Capital Oddities, Feb. '79

Native Cats of the World, Mar. '79

Western Coniferous Forests: How Forest Management Has Changed Them, Apr. '79

The Secret Master: Pituitary or Hypothalamus?, May '79

Volume 4

Brain Intervention: Wave of the Future?, Sept. '77

Change of Life—Evolution on Wheels, Oct. '77

The Environmental Significance of Fire, Nov. '77

Biological Control: The Natural Alternative, Dec. '77

Aerobiology: Ecology of the Atmosphere, Jan. '78

Winter's Long Sleep: The Biology of Hibernation, Feb. '78

Singing and Dancing in the Rain: The Courtship and Mating Rituals of Spring Amphibians, Mar. '78

Sense and Non Sense, Playing Tricks With Perception, Apr. '78

Plants That Prey: Carnivorous Plants of the World, May '78

Volume 3

Coevolution in the Tropics, Sept. '76

Diagnostic Imaging Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and Computerized Tomography, Oct. '76

Parasite Host Relationships: A Study in Adaptation, Nov. '76

Examining the Structures of Vision, Dec. '76

Insects and Spiders in Winter, Jan. '77

The Physiological Basis of Mental Illness, Feb. '77

Life on Mars, Mar. '77

Biology in Science Fiction: How Much Science, How Much Fiction, Apr. '77

Genetic Engineering, May '77

Volume 2

Defending the Human Body: The Immune System, Sept. '75

Ecology (Career), Sept. '75

Insect Pests and Their Control: A Modern Dilemma, Oct. '75

Frontiers of Electron Microscopy, Nov. '75

Discovering Animal Intelligence, Dec. '75

The Search For Live Beyond Earth, Jan. '76

Opportunities in Forestry Careers (Career), Jan. '76

The Mysteries of Bird Migration, Feb. '76

Blood: Its Role in the Human System, Mar. '76

The Marine Harvest, Apr. '76

A Biologist Looks at Strip Mining, May '76

Opportunities in Biological Sciences (Career), May '76

Volume 1

What We Know About Careers, Sept. '74

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (Career), Sept. '74

The Roots of Aggression and Violence, Oct. '74

Genetics, Race, and Intelligence, Nov. '74

The Porpoise: Intellect of the Sea, Dec. '74

Industrial Hygiene (Career), Dec. '74

Transplants—Spare Parts for the Body, Jan. '75

Physical Therapy (Career), Jan. '75

Vitamins—What We Need and What W Know, Feb. '75

Is There an Ocean in Your Future? (Career), Feb. '75

Feeding the World: A Growing Problem, Mar. '75

Ornithology (Career), Mar. '75

Meditation and Biofeedback: Modern Uses for Ancient Wisdom, Apr. '75

Air Pollution: Problems and Progress, May '75



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