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Literary Market Place Internet Edition
Literary Market Place
Literary Market Place 2022-2023, 83rd ed.
The Directory of the American Book Publishing Industry

Literary Market Place is the ultimate insider's guide to the U.S. book publishing industry, covering every conceivable aspect of the business. Two easy to- use volumes provide:

  • 54 sections organizing everyone and everything in the business—from publishers, agents, and ad agencies to associations, distributors, and events.
  • More than 12,500 listings in all—featuring names, addresses, and numbers; key personnel, activities, specialties, and other relevant data; e-mail addresses and Web sites; and more.
  • Some 22,000 decision makers throughout the industry, listed in a separate "Personnel Yellow Pages" section in each volume
  • Thousands of services and suppliers equipped to meet every publishing need or requirement.

LMP leaves no stone unturned in connecting you with the publishing firm, service, or product you or your patrons need.

Completely revised and updated, LMP helps:

  • Publishers: Locate other publishers, freelancers, agents, printers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.
  • Suppliers: Find names and numbers of potential publishing customers.
  • Job Seekers: Locate contact names, addresses, and phone numbers throughout the industry.
  • Writers: Locate publishers for their works.
  • Librarians: Provide patrons with the reference source they need to navigate the publishing industry.

When it comes to books, you can reach the people who publish, package, review, represent, edit, translate, typeset, illustrate, design, print, bind, promote, publicize, ship, and distribute, all at one world-famous business address: Literary Market Place

For more information on advertising or participating in LMP, please email Lauri Rimler at or call 1-908-219-0088.

2022/1,500 pp (2-volume set)/softbound | ISBN: 978-1-57387-585-1 | $479.50 | Order Now

First Time Standing Order: $431.55*

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You will receive all future editions immediately upon publication at the standard 5% discount.

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