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Evaluating Networked Information Services

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Evaluating Networked Information Services
Techniques, Policy and Issues
By Charles R. McClure and John Carlo Bertot

As information services and resources continue to move to a global networked environment, there is a pressing need for effective evaluation techniques, tools, and processes. In this ASIST monograph, Charles R. McClure, John Carlo Bertot, and their distinguished contributors report on a range of current initiatives and information policy issues, and offer practical guidance for anyone who needs to evaluate the usefulness, impact, cost, and effectiveness of networked information services and resources.

Chapters Include:

  • Theory and Practice in the Networked Environment: A European Perspective, by Geoffrey Ford
  • Evaluating Children's Resources and Services in a Networked Environment, by Eliza T. Dresang and Melissa Gross
  • Scenarios in the Design and Evaluation of Networked Information Services: An Example from Community Health, by Ann Peterson Bishop, Bharat Mehra, Imani Bazzell, and Cynthia Smith
  • Assessing the Provision of Networked Services: ERIC as an Example, by R. David Lankes
  • Assessing Interoperability in the Networked Environment: Standards, Evaluation, and Testbeds in the Context of Z39.50, by William E. Moen
  • Choosing Measure to Evaluate Networked Information Resources and Services: Selected Issues, by Joe Ryan, Charles R. McClure, and John Carlo Bertot
  • Using Electronic Surveys to Evaluate Networked Resources: From Idea to Implementation, by Dr. Jonathan Lazar and Dr. Jennifer Preece
  • User-Centered Evaluation and Its Connection to Design, by Carol A. Hert
  • Digital Reference Services in Public and Academic Libraries, by Joseph Janes
  • Introduction to Log Analysis Techniques: Methods for Evaluating Networked Services, by Jeffrey H. Rubin
  • Policy Analysis and Networked Information: "There Are Eight Million Stories..." by Philip Doty
  • Using U.S. Information Policies to Evaluate Federal Web Sites, by Charles R. McClure and J. Timothy Sprehe
  • Measurement and Evaluation in the Networked Information World, by Clifford Lynch

2002/300 pp/hardbound | ISBN: 1-57387-118-4 | ASIST Members: $35.60 | Regular Price: $44.50 | Web Orders: $40.05
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